Ramkumar is the Managing Director of GSR Environmental Consultancy Sdn Bhd with primary responsibility of managing environmental studies and environmental engineering projects. He graduated with Mechanical Engineering degree from University of Mysore, India.

Ram has specialised in Environmental Impact Assessment Studies, industrial process evaluation, process automation and controls, project management, solid waste management including incineration, air emission control and the design of air emission control systems. He has conducted surveys & tests, prepared national reports, feasibility Studies on a wide range of industries including Oil & Gas industries, recycling and disposal facilities and various manufacturing plants. He is registered with the Malaysian Department of Environment.

Ram has also been the team leader in the National survey for the recycling, waste composition and characteristics in Malaysia.

Ram has a wealth of experience and technical know-how after being involved in various managerial & executive positions in the designing, construction, installation, testing & commissioning of MSW plants both for the private & government sectors and rubber recycling facilities.


Mohammad Aman bin Samsurey is an environmental consultant with more than 18 years of experience in Environmental Impact Assessment Studies, Environmental Management Plans, Environmental Monitoring and Audits. He has also experience in multi-disciplinary studies as a team member and project coordinator, including baseline data collection, auditing, liaison with Government agencies, modelling (specifically on noise for EIA projects), report writing, project management, scheduling and cost estimates.


Dasaratha Murugasan Rao started his career as a Public Health Inspector in the Ministry of Health. After the Ministry of Health he joined the Department of Environment (DOE) as an Assistant Environmental Control Officer. After several years in the DOE he undertook a Degree in Social Science and joined the National Unity Board. As a Public Health Inspector and Assistant Environmental Control Officer, he has had the benefit of vast field related experience.

After his career in the government, he studied law and currently takes up cases under the environment law amongst other cases. He has over 40 years of working experience.


Geetha P. Kumaran is a senior environmental consultant registered with the DoE since 1992 and has been directly involved in projects pertaining to EIAs, Post EIAs, EMPs, related studies and also for projects involving wastewater treatment systems. She is responsible for project managing, liaising with local authorities, and conducting training courses in environmental awareness amongst existing and new clients. With her background in wastewater treatment acquired during her Master’s degree, she is also well-versed in putting together technical documents and trouble-shooting for wastewater treatment plants. As a Lead Consultant, she is responsible for project managing EIA’s in order to obtain the necessary approvals. She is also a Certified Sustainability (ESG) Practitioner and for sustainability reporting.


Nur Nasuha Ahmad Puat started her career in the environmental industry since 2018 with involvement in the preparation document and report for Land Disturbing Pollution Prevention and Mitigation Measures (LDP2M2) and Erosion Sediment Control Plan (ESCP) for Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), Environmental Management Plan (EMP) and other best management practices to ensure compliance with local regulations and industry standards. She holds Master Degree in Civil Engineering (Water and Wastewater) from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) and Bachelor of Environmental Technology from Universiti Malaysia Terengganu.


Chew Tzu Chen is a graduate of the University Malaysia Terengganu with a B.Sc. in Marine Science, where she gained a solid foundation in the field of environmental consultancy. She is a valued member of our team as an assistant environmental consultant. She has contributed to various projects involving site visits, data analysis and reporting, demonstrating excellent attention to detail, critical thinking, and collaborative skills. In addition, she has gained expertise in a variety of interdisciplinary studies, as a team member including baseline data collection, environmental impact assessments, environmental management plans, master plan and liaising with government agencies.


Robert Kennedy is the Director and Lead Environmental Consultant at Atmospheric Solutions, an Air, Climate & Environmental Consultancy which provides specialist services for a wide range of clients, from infrastructure, mining and oil & gas (in particular LNG) industries through to commercial practices.

Robert Kennedy is an expert in environmental engineering advisory services, working with companies to reduce their environmental footprint to as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP), identifying and mitigating environmental risk (through ENVID workshops), quantifying and managing the emissions, discharges and wastes associated with design and operations, and undertaking best practice / best available technology reviews including detailed alternatives analysis. I am also well versed in Project Financing, including IFC / World Bank standards and the Equator Principles.

In addition, Robert Kennedy is an expert in the specialist air quality and greenhouse / climate change fields, including in air quality assessments, air dispersion modelling, pollutant and dust monitoring, carbon inventories, greenhouse gas management plans, net zero planning, climate risk assessments, odour assessments and indoor air quality studies.


Ts. Wan Azizul Faiz is a young professional with extensive experience in the fields of sustainable development, waste management, and circular economy. Having spent 8 years in the Ministry of Housing and Local Government, he has gained valuable expertise in policy research and implementation, particularly in the area of sustainability. His passion for the waste industry has driven him to become a recognized as a staunch advocate in circular economy practices, which he believes is critical to achieving a sustainable future. Ts. Wan Azizul Faiz is also a certified Professional Technologist under MBOT, specializing in Green Technology since 2020. He has applied his expertise to help numerous organizations implement environmentally-friendly solutions and adopt sustainable business practices.

In addition to his technical expertise, Ts. Wan Azizul Faiz is also a passionate advocate for sustainable development. He believes that the transition to a circular economy is vital in achieving a more environmentally conscious society. With his vast experience and commitment to sustainability, he is dedicated to making a positive impact on the world through his work.


Enthusiastic, self-motivated solid waste management professional with extensive international expertise in waste management technologies, strategies, policies, and infrastructure development.

Substantial practical “hands-on” knowled ge and involvement in operational waste management from storage and collection to treatment and disposal.

Proven ability to manage and develop large scale projects in developed and developing economies, successfully recognising and adapting to challenges and changing requirements inherent with capacity building and development programmes.

Essential client engagement skills and a strong track record in driving change and developing strong relationships at all levels acquired through involvement over the y ears with Governments, private organisations and a number of donor agencies, including USAid (United States), DFID (United Kingdom), JICA (Japan), DANIDA (Denmark).

In-Country Working Experience: Ascension Island, England, Germany, Indonesia, Iraq, Malaysia, Pakistan, Poland, Scotland, United Arab Emirates, St Helena


Grandpa (as his Chow Kit friends call him) is more known to the crowed as Gio has 35 years hands-on experience from small entrepreneurship to big corporate - "been there and done it.”

He may not have a C-Suites title, but C-Suites trust me to make it happen.

Leveraging on hands-on experience in different disciplines, over the years he achieved (or helped achieve) desired outcomes in an effective, efficient and lasting way.

His diverse expertise enables to see things from different angles and bring new perspectives.

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